Monday, September 21, 2009

Bread Keepers!

Perhaps you may remember this post over at my 'Parables' blog?
Well, I finally decided what I wanted to make with these
wonderful flour sacks I got from Sharon!

I made 'Bread Keepers'
for storing homemade loaves of bread!
(If you are interested, you can find them
in my Etsy Store!)

After washing the sacks (I forgot to try to 'set' the color! :~O

But I like the slightly faded, vintage look.)

I removed the original stitching, which took a long time

as the chain stitching did not pull off like the top of feed sacks!

I "french seamed" the sides so no fraying threads

would stick to the bread, and the more finished seams

help prevent bread crumbs from hiding!

I 'boxed' the corners...

~*~ the bread keeper would fit around

the bread a little more easily.

I used some of the flour sack fabric to make drawstrings.

Baked some bread to try them out.

Experimented to see how fresh the bread stayed.

Works perfect alone for crusty bread.

I did a little research to find out how bread used to be stored

'in the olden days' before plastic.

I am trying to do without plastic in my home.

I found that IF there was any bread left, the cut edge of a loaf was placed

down onto a cutting board and this prevented the cut surface from

drying out.

(I think I prefer to have my food covered so any critter that may happen to be flying about my kitchen doesn't have use of my homemade bread as a landing strip for feet that have been who knows where! Did you know that flies taste with their feet? Ugh!
Somebody please remind me why God created flies? Oh yeah ~ food for the spiders! Yikes!

Why spiders? I know, I know ~ to eat the flies! :~D)

I used a sheet of waxed paper wrapped around my loaf

and stored in the bread keeper.It did keep the cut loaf soft for several days

until it was used up!

And if there were more than two of us, the bread wouldn't

last that long!


I hope you will try making one of these handy storage bags!

If you don't have access to new flour sacks, you might try

vintage ones (well washed), linen or some other

tightly woven cotton fabric for your

Eco conscious 'Bread Keeper'!