Thursday, December 22, 2011

Another Scarf

I fell in love with this gray linen scarf
that I saw on Pinterest.
Not having any linen in my stash,
I did come up with a bit of
gray Wool Flannel.

I stitched a length of it together

and crocheted an edge similar to the original


and for a touch of Christmas,
pinned it with my Pear Tree pin.

Just in time to wear to a sweet
Granddaughters ballet recital
as a Mouse in The Nutcracker!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Red Buffalo Check Scarf

I've had this classic Red Check flannel
fabric in my stash since last winter
(when big checks were popular!)
 I quickly cut and stitched this
scarf in less than five minutes.

Pulling out the threads to make the fringe ~
quite a bit longer!

Friday, December 2, 2011

The Burlap Wreath Gets a Little Christmas On!

You may remember this burlap wreath that I
made in October. I love the simplicity
and country style of it. The burlap 
looks as if it were cut right from the
feed sack! Perfect for those
harvest-y Autumn days
 here at the farm.

Now that Christmas is approaching and the
days are shorter and drab,
I wanted to add just a touch
 of festive color to cheer it
(and me) up! 

I used some plaid wired ribbon
that I already had. I
 made several little 'picks' of
the ribbon fashioned into
loops to mimic the looped
burlap, and fastened here and there.
Then I added a larger gathering
to the center of the burlap bow.

It still wanted something.
I have had this little German Glitter Banner
that I had recieved from Madai at
Wren Cottage a couple of years ago, and
thought it might be just the addition it needed.

The glitter is a bit tarnished with age now
but I think it added just the right touch!
Simple ~ Country 
Just like me! 

Yep! I like it
It brings me a bit of JOY!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Rustic Burlap Wreath

Using items that I already had,
I made a burlap wreath
for the front door
to go with my Crow Pillow !

If you would like to make one, too,
you will need:
2 yds. 54 inch wide burlap
12 inch wreath frame
wire for securing burlap to wreath frame

Cut 5 burlap strips 9inches wide
cutting from selvage to selvage through the burlap.
No need to be precise ~ it's rustic
so just eyeball it.

Use one of the strips to wrap around your wreath frame.

Secure with wire, leaving a tail (this will be the hanger)
 and do not cut wire from the package.

Take another of the burlap strips and loosely fold in half with
the seam at the back.
(It won't stay, but this is the general shape you want your strips.)

With the longest piece at the back, fold a section over
and pinch to make a piece that looks similar to
a half of a bow.

Secure with the long piece of wire
(still attached to the carton)
wrapping around the wreath frame.

Continue folding and wrapping burlap
with the wire to the frame
covering the wire of the
proceeding fold with each
new one added.
When you run out of one piece of burlap
continue in the same manner with consecutive pieces
until the entire frame is covered.

I alternated the direction of the folds ~
first to the right and the next one a little toward
the left to help conceal the wire and give
a bit of a fuller look to the wreath.

I used 4 strips of burlap to complete the circle of the
wreath. You may need more or less, depending on how full
you want it to look and your folding technique.
When your wreath is as full as you like and have
completely covered the frame, cut the wire a few inches
long and twist together with the initial piece left
for the hanger to secure the burlap.

Embellish however you like.
I added a burlap bow ~ a piece of burlap
folded in a bow shape...

...and knotted with a second long strand
over the bow and wreath frame.

My finished rustic burlap wreath!
Ready to hang on the door!
When it is daylight!



Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Rustic 'Crow' Pillow

I whipped up a simple, rustic pillow
with a crow silhouette for
my Autumn Porch bench.
Every farm has a crow or two, you know!
I found a free image online and printed it out
on card stock, then using an exacto knife, cut out
the image leaving a 'stencil' of the crow.
I placed the stencil on my precut burlap
and filled the image space with
black acrylic paint using a cheap
sponge brush.
Let the paint dry over night.
I lined the burlap with inexpensive muslin
and stitched the three sides with my machine.

I whip stitched closed the bottom of the pillow using a
large upholstery needle and some hemp twine.
This is a rustic outdoor pillow, after all!

 Here sits my little crow pillow...

eager to Welcome guests who blow in
with the Autumn winds!

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Monday, January 17, 2011

Morgan's Ballet Bag

She didn't have one.
Every little ballerina needs a
Ballet Bag
to hold shoes and other necessary items!
Morgan loves red!
Grandma loves Morgan!
Grandma made Morgan a
Red Ballet Bag!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

In case you were wondering

Remember, you were guessing, in the previous post, what these gifts were that I was sewing.
Scroll down to see the finished product!

Classic and subdued

Flamboyant and bright

Any Season Robes!
Pattern by Cindy Taylor Oates
of Taylor Made Designs.