Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Because every man needs a hat...

no matter what his size!
Momma loves all things old fashioned,
so how about this vintage style bonnet?
This little blue and white plaid
hat is on it's way to
I wonder if it will arrive before baby?

Lined in the softest blue flannel
to keep little ears and head warm
in cold winter weather.
Lace and embroidery are out for little boys
so what to embellish this little cap with?
How about a wee blue cording!

A chin strap is more boyish than frilly ribbon ties!
But, I think this cap is still sweet enough for
any baby boy, don't you?

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

They're the Cat's Meow!

What do you get when you take some
cute soft flannel... bright colors and whimsical patterns...

...stitch some button holes...

...add some pockets...

and sew on a contrasting band?

Why, a couple of Cute Cats Jumpers,
of course!

They are the same, but different!

Oh! And we can't forget the Cats!

Made for the two sweetest little granddaughters
(because they love kitties)
in honor of their newest addition ~
(Click on his name to go meet this cute little unexpected bundle
of cuteness!)