Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Because every man needs a hat...

no matter what his size!
Momma loves all things old fashioned,
so how about this vintage style bonnet?
This little blue and white plaid
hat is on it's way to
I wonder if it will arrive before baby?

Lined in the softest blue flannel
to keep little ears and head warm
in cold winter weather.
Lace and embroidery are out for little boys
so what to embellish this little cap with?
How about a wee blue cording!

A chin strap is more boyish than frilly ribbon ties!
But, I think this cap is still sweet enough for
any baby boy, don't you?


~ ♥ Kelley ♥~ said...

Darling~absolutely darling!

Christa said...

He is going to be one blessed little baby boy! Comfy and cozy he will be in his mother's arms this winter,that's for certain.
You did a beautiful job on this Lady Farmer. :)

Anonymous said...

This is just beautiful! Is it going to Emily by any chance?


Nadine said...



Camille said...

Perfect Raeann! He will be toasty warm this winter and very manly in his new little cap. :)

Cheryl said...

It is darling, I can almost feel how soft it is!

Cheri said...

Oh my! This is so cute!

shelia said...

O My o My o my o my...soooo dapper!!! :)

The B's said...

I want one! Mr. B would look so dashing in it! =)


Sharon said...

What a sweet little cap! It has such an old-fashioned style! I wonder if you designed your own pattern?

Sandra said...

AAAdorable! Any gent would like sweetly adorable wearing this beautiful hat! Well done.