Friday, February 19, 2010

A Cinderella Story

I know, I know! You are all thinking, "Doesn't she have any other fabric!?"
This is the third item I have shown on this blog using this fabric,
but I just love it!
I love the old fashioned barkcloth styled floral pattern!
The cotton fabric is a nice heavy weight and it sews up so
I had all the photos ready for this post last night and
was going to finish it up today to put on, telling
you this apron was going to market. When I got online
to finish it up, this morning, in my inbox was the message that
this baby was already sold!
I'm going to show her to you anyway. 'Cuz you know I love the fabric
and I think this is the cutest pattern!
This is the 1950's Walt Disney Cinderella Apron styled by the
J.C. Penney Company. It was a gift for customers (who purchased fabric
or patterns, I suppose.) This was a pattern my grandmother had.
It has been looking beautiful on my shelf above my sewing machine
for a long time. I finally thought, "Why don't I sew an apron from it?"
I traced the pattern onto tissue ~ didn't want to cut into this vintage
pattern worth around $30!
*The fabric*

*The pattern*

*The prices!*

*The apron*

*The admirers*

*The bow*

*The features*

*The 'hidden' pockets*

*The hardworking simplicity*

*The front*

*The fairy godmother*

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

White Lace Collars

" 'No lace-no lace, Mrs. Bennet, I beg of you!' Mr. Bennet"
(Jane Austen ~ Pride and Prejudice)
Well, Mr. Bennet may not want any lace,
but there is plenty to be had here in the Sewing Room!
Last summer, I went to a garage sale being given by a friend.
He was selling the remains of his late wife's sewing items
and some things from a variety store that they used to
operate many years ago.
Along with many other sewing related items,
I picked up several lace collars.
Collars in many shades of white

Aged to a lovely Ecru color


Sweet handmade collar embroidered with French Knots


Collar and matching Cuffs

My favorite!


Simple lace collar
Battenburg lace


A Jabot!


Two collar sets still in the package
from the store
Pretty details

Delicate shear collar and matching cuffs


I believe these are just cuffs~
I think they used these to trim pockets and such
Now that I have all of these lovelies, I'm not sure what to do with them...
Frame them and hang in my sewing room?
Sell them at my shoppe?
Create something with them?
(I am not very creative ~ got any ideas?)
Mr. Bennet didn't want to hear about lace, but I would
really like to hear what you would do with these!
Do tell!
Someone thought this was all quite boring....
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(note: because I forgot to link up to Mr. Linky, this is a repost from last Wed.)