Thursday, October 15, 2009

Little Punkins

Everybody is making them, so I just had to try my hand at

some rustic little fabric 'punkins'.

First, I chose some 'punkin' looking fabric.

(Paula~you may recognize a couple of these as

my Peter Rabbit Carrots from this spring!)


Then I cut out six football shaped pieces for each of the

three different sized punkins.


Next, I stitched the six pieces together,

leaving a small opening at the top for turning...

and stuffing.

I also cut some leaves for the tops out of green flannel.

I made the stems from some more of the flannel, rolled and

stitched closed. I wanted the stems to have a little bend, so I

cut some small gauge wire to size, curled the edges so there would be no

pokey's and inserted the wire into the stem center.

I stuck the little stem into the opening of the punkin,

ran a gathering stitch around the opening and

cinched it up to the stem, securing them together

with a couple more stitches.

Then I added the leaf.


Here is a finished punkin!

Here is the little vignette I made using my little punkins!

Have you made any fabric pumpkins?
There are some beautiful ones in the November issue of
Martha Stewart Living.
That Martha is such a copy cat! ;~}