Wednesday, February 3, 2010

White Lace Collars

" 'No lace-no lace, Mrs. Bennet, I beg of you!' Mr. Bennet"
(Jane Austen ~ Pride and Prejudice)
Well, Mr. Bennet may not want any lace,
but there is plenty to be had here in the Sewing Room!
Last summer, I went to a garage sale being given by a friend.
He was selling the remains of his late wife's sewing items
and some things from a variety store that they used to
operate many years ago.
Along with many other sewing related items,
I picked up several lace collars.
Collars in many shades of white

Aged to a lovely Ecru color


Sweet handmade collar embroidered with French Knots


Collar and matching Cuffs

My favorite!


Simple lace collar
Battenburg lace


A Jabot!


Two collar sets still in the package
from the store
Pretty details

Delicate shear collar and matching cuffs


I believe these are just cuffs~
I think they used these to trim pockets and such
Now that I have all of these lovelies, I'm not sure what to do with them...
Frame them and hang in my sewing room?
Sell them at my shoppe?
Create something with them?
(I am not very creative ~ got any ideas?)
Mr. Bennet didn't want to hear about lace, but I would
really like to hear what you would do with these!
Do tell!
Someone thought this was all quite boring....
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Christa said...

Hi Lady Farmer,
I happen to love lace collars that look old. I had one on an antique hanger, hanging from my antique china cabinet. Now, one of my vintage looking bears is wearing it. Mine was not an antique collar so I tea dyed it and now it looks very vintage.
I've seen these used to adorn a vintage looking pillow, pin cushions, dolls, framed...I would look on the Shabby Chic blogs, they have a lot of great ideas.

I can't wait to see what you come up with! :0)


Linda Stubbs said...

I love Christa's idea about hanging them on antique hangers. You could have an old piece of wood with old white paint on it. Use old crystal door knobs and hang the collars on the old hangers from the knobs. Oh, how pretty.

I would make up an all muslim apron and put each collar as part of each pocket or depending what the design was for the apron you could put the collar around the neckline. Just a thought. I can see it in my mind. It would be beautiful hanging on a peg in your kitchen.

I can't wait to see what you do also.

Thank you for being a part of my drawing. You are such a sweetie.

Blessings, Linda

Nadine said...

Wow...what lovely lace treasures! I found a few last summer at an estate sale and they are still sitting in the drawer, so I am excited to see if anyone has some ideas also!


Anonymous said...

Dearest Friend,

You must use them!

If you have a solid color of them would look lovely...or how about to trim a blouse or a dress that it is a bit plain?

Use the ones that are cuffs and put them in a jacket.

Oh lady farmer...use them and enjoy them :)



The Watts Family said...

Oh I am drooling* that happens to me when I am around vintagey looking things ;) I would sew them on a dress for sure and then be strolling the garden ~Wonderful collection beautiful find. Thanks for sharing I loved looking at them all ~Blessings Love Heather

Rose said...

I love the lace! It is all so lovely. God bless, Rose

cheri said...

Perhaps the cuffs and pocket trim would make a denim jacket look feminine.

Pretty treasures!

cheri said...

They would also look pretty framed.

Cass @ That Old House said...

Love the old lace! I especially love the embroidered collars -- such sweet little French knots. Beautiful. And thank you for your charming comments about my blog; you are so sweet!

I am going to show this post to my daughter Anne who is a theatrical costume designer; she may have inspiration for you!

Theresa @ 612Riverside said...

That jabot is truly a work of art! So Pretty... theresa

Faded Charm said...

These are all beautiful. Woudn't it be fun to dress up with these. thanks for sharing your awesome collection.

Take care,