Friday, September 3, 2010

Shades of Autumn Handbag

Lovely new bag in the shoppe!
While photographing for listing,
everybody thought they needed
to be in the shot! ;~D

Yep! There is even a chicken in this shot ~
look closely on the right!
Can you see her in the shadows?

I love the colors in this bag!
(No chickens in this shot!)


LDH said...

I think your chickens love your bag as much as I do! I, too, really love the colors! Your work is beautiful!

Christa said...

I love the colors, design...of the bag and you did a beautiful job of sewing. I'm sure someone will snatch it up pretty quick.
I feel fall coming don't you?


Nadine said... are so very talented!


shelia said...

Lovely...has me wishing for crisp fall temperatures and changing leaves...and a new bag! :)

Anonymous said...

This bag is just darling!

I especially like the clasp in the front :)

The chickens...well they add pizazz to the item ;0)