Wednesday, March 25, 2009


While re-organizing my linens drawers today, I came across this cute little item that my Grandma made up and gave to me way back in the '70's. This would make a fun little addition to a bridal shower, kitchen shower or even a birthday gift. Let me know if you make any, I would like to see.
Take two woven waffle weave dish cloths (fold in half lengthwise)
Threaded length of ribbon or yarn.
Make long basting stitches along "leg" bottoms and at the "waistline", gathering slightly and tying in a bow at the edges.
"Lace" up the front and make a bow at the top. ( See photo)
This little 'poem' was written out and pinned to them.
Don't get excited
Don't get misled
These are not for you
But your dishes instead.
Pull out the ribbon
There are no stitches,
You will have two dish cloths
But you've lost your britches!

I think these are sweet!


shelia said...

so sweet! :)

Michele said...

I want some!


Marqueta said...

So very nice!

I think I saw some similar in my MaryJane's book, but it didn't include the instructions. We'll have to grab some waffle weave cloths at the store next time!



Sharon said...

These are too cute! Thanks for sharing :)

Lavinia said...

They are indeed very sweet. I wish you were my next door neighbour, may I say that?!