Thursday, March 19, 2009

A New Ironing Board Cover...

...from a length of brushed cotton duck, 100% natural cotton quilt lining,
and a roll of sturdy cotton string.

I used the (very!) old cover for the pattern.

Sewed the string into the self-binding to gather around the edges.

All ready for many new projects on the way!

(I chose not to use a colored fabric because this ecru color reminded me
of the cover on Grandma's mangle!
And I didn't want to take any chances with colors bleeding when using my hot steam iron on lovely white linens!)


Sharon said...

My husband recently installed an old in the wall type ironing board into my walk in closet. You can no longer by the size cover to fit, so I will need to make one. I didn't really know how to go about it so thanks for sharing.

shelia said...

thanks for the tute! I seem to be VERY hard on these will be nice to be able to make a new one myself! thanks :)

cheri said...

Great Inspiration. There probably aren't many of us who wear out ironing board covers!

Lavinia said...

You are *so* handy!